Asus VG248QE Driver Download

Asus VG248QE Driver Download | The Asus VG248QE is very good while displaying our gradient check photo. Besides the 8-bit banding resulting of the difficulty of this reveal, some little colour troubles can be noticed inside the darker grayscale and the inexperienced and blue, but this is not enough to motive good sized banding while searching at ordinary content and usual is a very good end result.
Asus VG248QE Driver Download

The Asus VG248QE screen uses PWM to dim the backlight, so it isn't always flicker-loose however the frequency of the flicker is extraordinarily excessive and may be unnoticeable with the aid of nearly anybody, even those touchy to flicker that's remarkable.

While the display does have a black frame insertion feature that adds flicker to resolve movement, it's best activated while the display is in three-D mode (using Nvidia's 3-D Lightboost generation). A 0.33 birthday party software hack is wanted to set off BFI for ordinary utilization, but, the implementation is now pretty mature and solid. BlurBusters.Com has an top notch article on activating BFI on a Lightboost screen.

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Asus VG248QE Driver Download

Asus VG248QE WHQL Driver for Windows 7

ASUS_VG248_Windows_7_WHQL Download
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Asus VG248QE WHQL Driver for Windows 8

ASUS_VG248_Windows_8_WHQL Download
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Utilities for Asus VG248QE Driver (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)

ASUS MultiFrame Software Download
For ASUS Monitor only
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ASUS MultiFrame Software Download
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updated NVIDIA 3D driver 310.54 beta Download
For more information please visit
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